Monday, February 19, 2018

Diet Season

I remember when I was a young teenager and would over hear people talking about diets. Even then, I didn't understand the purpose. I would hear women talking about wanting to lose weight so they were just not going to eat. Or, more wisely, they were going to change what they ate, but only until they lost the weight they wanted to lose. Back then, I thought, if you lose the weight by not eating or by denying yourself certain indulgences, temporarily, wouldn't the results also be temporary?

Now, I question all the diets out there. I know people who've tried the blood type diet and swear by it. I know people who've done paleo and ketogenic and swear by those, as well. There are so many different diets out there. I can support my friends who decide that one of these ways of eating is best for them. I'm happy they've found something that works for them. Personally, I see something in common with all of them. Not only do you choose to deny yourself certain foods, most of my friends who started them didn't just cut sugar and gluten, they also started eating more vegetables than they used to and, in some cases, drinking more water. That's my light bulb...

I already eat sustainably raised lamb and beef. Some of the chicken we eat comes from our farm, the rest comes from the store, but I tend to get organic when I can. I love mashed potatoes and I'll eat grains all day in various forms. My problem is, I'm *terrible* about eating produce and drinking plenty of water. I will buy it and sometimes I'll eat it and my family eats it, but I guarantee I have plenty of days when I really don't eat any.

For Lent, every year we've celebrated it, my husband and I have agreed to not eat sweets. I've even gone so far as to not eat baked grains unless I made them myself to make sure the sugar in them was from honey. But I've never really seen much of an improvement for me, just avoiding sugar and grains.

This year, I decided to try something different, and I dare say, I feel cleaner, fresher, and healthier on the inside. I started with a 24 hour fast, to adjust my thinking and spend time in prayer. During that time, I also focused on making sure I actually drank water, because I often go through the day sipping an oz or 2 here or there. After that, I made a goal. I am going to eat produce every day. Ridiculous, I know, because I should already be doing that.

To make it even easier, I decided to add them to my breakfast, just in case I didn't have them later. After all, people tend to be most motivated and inspired in the morning. I'm finding that, by doing this, I'm not only taking in vegetables, I'm doing it all through out the day and making wiser choices with what I eat.

I know, there are studies out there about that, but I get bored easily and if I'm going to read, it isn't going to be that.

Now, I will divulge that I am avoiding sweets, so I am taking in less sugar, though I haven't completely cut it out. (It's in the muffins I made yesterday. ) However, I will give credit of these fresh feelings to upping my H20 and produce intakes.

Now, if only I could muster enough motivation to be more active. Baby steps, I suppose.