Sunday, January 28, 2018

Nature Calls

Such a beautiful day, the Lord blessed us with, today. The sun casting it's wonderful heat, gently down. The sky, a peaceful blue, with white puffy clouds scattered around it. The air, reminiscent of a cool, breezy spring day. Certainly beats the winter days that await us, this coming week.

I almost missed it.

I went to church and enjoyed learning about how my friend runs her class. I came home and feasted, a little too much, on left overs, pizza rolls, and ice cream. (I know... so healthy.) Then I tended to some farm chores. I fully intended on getting a shower after that last one, but my youngest 3 blessings had disappeared.

They weren't at their play area. They weren't in the house. I couldn't see them out front. Just as I was about to have a panic attack and start shouting at my older 3 to help me find them, blessing #2 spotted them through her window, on a trail.

At first, I was going to make them come back. I marched out there, to see what they were doing. But the sun felt so good and the air was so refreshing, that by the time I reached them, I was glad to stay outside with them.

I'm the type that usually gets caught up in all the things that HAVE to be done, that as much as I love the simple things in life, I have a hard time actually making time for them. There is just too much to be done.

That's one reason, I believe God created children. To remind us and inspire us to enjoy His creation. This was definitely evident on our adventure up and down the trail. About an hours worth of spontaneous exploration. Followed by time playing at their playground.

On this journey, we discovered torn up hornet nests,

signs of deer, the remaining feathers of a former bird,
patch after patch of raspberry canes, (which brings anticipation for our next harvest season). There were puff mushrooms,
goldenrod flies, and soft beds of needles under the pine tree canopies.

A world of wonder awaited us, and they eagerly journeyed into the depths of it and I with them.

True, there is plenty that still "needs" to be done. Things I haven't even started with, like never ending laundry. However, as my friend often reminds me, it's the memories that matter. The messes will be gone one day.