Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Liquid Gold

Yesterday, I went and picked up our bees!

I've always been afraid of bees, knowing that my dad is allergic to their venom, but I also really like honey. After planning and thinking for a couple of years, my husband and I decided to take the plunge and picked up our bee gear.

The bee pick up was a little over an hour from home. One box of bees, we got two, was overflowing. That means there were bees flying around my van. Most of them stayed on the back window, but a couple made their way up front with my blessing #2 and I. I reminded her over and over, and myself, that the last thing they want is to sting us.

The whole ride home went pretty smoothly and amazingly, at least to me, none of them even landed on either of us.

When I got them home, my husband threw on his bee handling gear, I wasn't wearing any, and loaded the bees in our truck to take to their boxes out back. He'd found a great spot for them, guarded from the wind by a circle of pines, with a good bit of shade, and flowers!

I was surprised at how calm I managed to be about them. I was worried I'd freak out when they were near me, but aside from flinching a little I just let myself be where they were. I'm excited to see how this adventure in our homesteading turns out. Of course I'm certainly looking forward to hopefully having some honey also!