Monday, February 2, 2015

The Calm After the Storm

Today is beautifully bright, with clear blue skies and the magnificent sun shining down upon our homestead. Lessons have been post-poned, so the kids can enjoy the snow, which gets as deep as my knees are high, in some places.

My husband has spent the day plowing. He had to abandon his car at the end of our driveway last night, because the snow was too deep for it to get to the house.

As for me, I've ventured out to take photos,
 Hopefully these guys don't try to venture off into the neighbor's field, again...
 This is the water trough for our pony and un-bred ewes. It is at least as deep as the length to the middle of my calf.

I've also attempted to sew a slipper, without the instructions handy, stared at the chapter I am working on for my current manuscript, checked facebook repeatedly, and tended to the youngest. Not the most productive day, on my part, but it isn't over yet and it is still a good day.


  1. The snow looked like it was fun for the kids, but work for PJ to clear out. I saw his photo of the car being stuck in the driveway. He needs a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get home from work! Or maybe a snowmobile to park at the end of the driveway!!
    Is the water trough frozen or is it heated so the animals can have water to drink all winter.

    I loved playing in the snow when I was a kid, we were always outside when it snowed, sledding, building snowmen or a snow fort. It's all good.

  2. It took him all day to get the car up to the house! A snow mobile would be so much fun! Not a bad idea, if we could build a small garage up there so he wouldn't have to worry about the ice or snow building up on the car, too.

    The water troughs do have heaters, thankfully.