Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gingerbread houses!

It has been a busy week full of ups and downs. Today my girls and I got to have a girls day out. We went to my midwife appointment. Everything feels and sounds great. :) Then we went birthday/Christmas shopping. It was fun watching them pick out gifts for their brothers. We ate at Five Guys. A yummy burger joint. We ordered 2 fries and I was worried that there wouldn't be enough to share. Honestly, I think we would've been fine with 1 order!

Yesterday we got to enjoy another fun filled day with fellow homeschooling friends. This time we attempted to make gingerbread houses. There were 4 houses being built and the one I was helping with just crumbled! The moms decided that it would be good to let each kid take pieces of the broken house and build their own little things. I don't know if any of the houses were standing by the end of the day or not. My oldest made an indoor scene of a ginger bread house where the gingerbread people were gorging on candy. My second child made what looked like a gingerbread mountain with candy scattered across it as rocks. I helped my 3rd make a gingerbread garden with two little gingerbread men surrounded by different candy plants. All in all the kids had fun. On top of that activity the kids got to go out and hold the hostesses ducks and round up the 2 goats when they escaped the pen. One ended up on my van at one point. No damage done, as far as I can tell. It was funny to me. I was told by my oldest that they also got on the low lying trampoline. The kids were so entertained and again having a great time. I love these get togethers and look forward to the next one, which I have offered to plan so I need to get on that!!

I'll try and post some gingerbread houses later.