Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fall is in the Air

The crisp chill of fall is reaching forth into the mornings and evenings, with the fog rolling in along side her. I know she hasn't arrived yet, still, I hear her whispering her comforting warmth into my heart. My favorite of seasons. Summer and it's busyness is fading, into the still chaotic, yet calmer days of autumn.

Burnt out, I skipped most of blackberry harvesting and am close to missing out on this years grape harvest. I have yet to turn my frozen strawberries into jam. However, I've already been able to harvest some potatoes and a lot of tomatoes. What has me most excited is the sight of my pumpkins, which I wasn't holding much hope for, due to lack of rain. Yet, we have some and they are looking beautiful.

We've also welcomed new members to our farm. We had thought of waiting until next spring, but found a milking shorthorn, with her heifer and calf. Being the spontaneous type, my husband suggested we dive and so we did. I have never really liked milk before, but I know now, I just don't like store milk. I have yet to add chocolate to this liquid goodness. We have made butter, ricotta, a soft spreadable cheese, milk bread, ice cream and some other yumminess. I am hoping to get a yogurt maker soon as well.

With fall comes school for the girls, life learning for the boys, and baking/crafting time for me. I look forward to fresh baked breads, hot cocoa, and some kind of needlework or reading and snuggle time by the fire, as the rain pelts the windows.