Saturday, November 28, 2015

Happy November

It has been a busy November at our house.

Last month I attempted to make a T.A.R.D.I.S. cake. This month, it was Bag End. It is not beautiful, but was loved, for the attempt, by the birthday blessing.
One thing I learned from this experiment is, no matter what recipe I use, I am not a frosting maker. It always turns out runny, even when I follow directions as accurately as possible.

There was also the awesome snow day the kids had. Thankfully not on a school day, though I do hear that this year we're looking at a warmer than normal winter.

There was the more terrible two than normal day, as well. When my youngest blessing decided our math blocks belonged in the oven and I didn't realize it until I smelled them melting. Thank God for grill brushes!

Of course, there was also Thanksgiving. This year was probably the best Thanksgiving we've had, possibly, ever. We pre-prepped some of our dishes, thanks to watching "The Pioneer Woman" on Food Network, doing her pre-prepping. By the way, her cranberry sauce recipe is the best I've eaten! (Admittedly, I substituted grape juice for cranberry juice, because it is cheaper and I no one drinks the left over cranberry juice at my house.)

We got crafty, had family time with some footballs outside, watched a little tv together, played games. It felt like a "real" Thanksgiving gathering, in spite of the lack of extra guests. It was wonderful! The best part was listening to my family go around the table sharing what they were thankful for.