Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's a New Year?

   It's amazing how quickly time flies by. I still haven't gotten my pay it forwards or my Christmas cards with family photos sent out. I'm hoping to get them out tomorrow, though. My baby is approaching his 1st birthday and has grown so much. I also see so much growth in my other children, that I'm constantly reminded of how little time I have them for.

   School hasn't really been happening for my boys, but my girls are moving along, inconsistently. I lean more and more towards child led learning every day.

   The snow has been pretty exciting for me, but the sub zero temps have made it difficult to enjoy playing outside. I don't like cold... At least I've been able to enjoy the beauty of it all.

   The animals seem to be doing great. We still have way too many turkeys, since they weren't as ready for the slaughter as we'd hoped around Thanksgiving. They look pretty ready now, though. Just a matter of making time for it.

   We have managed to move all our sheep back into the barn pasture and are hoping all our ewes will be delivering this spring!

   We strive to keep things as natural as possible for our animals. That means, no eggs for us right now. We are also trying to figure out if we want to get grown chickens or just hatched chickens this spring. It'll be nice when we're actually hatching our own chicks for food. Last year we didn't get any.

   Also trying to plan the garden. Our garden didn't do well at all last year. The area we planted in is pretty sandy, although the previous owners seemed to have a good garden when we moved in and our wheat and barley have done well in the past. No grains this year, as I'm the only one who takes the time to really harvest it and I don't get much of it.

   I've also been working on a few writing projects lately. Hoping to really do something with them. My blog writings leave much to be desired when I actually take time to type them up. Although, this is partially due to my almost never being alone and able to really concentrate. Thus is the way of life I have chosen, frustrating at times, but, in all, a great blessing.

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