Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yesterday was a good day. The girls got done with their school work on time, so they were able to have some friends over. My husband took them all for a ride on the trailer bed for the tractor.

Today I got to play fireman and pictionary with my boys. Also did a little preschool stuff with them. The girls took a little longer than expected to do their school work. It was one of those "It's too hard so I'm not doing it!" kind of days for them. My oldest has more days like that then my younger one. Again they got to play with a friend. I don't know why people worry so much about the socialization of homeschooled kids. My kids play with other kids (outside of our family) pretty much every day. They go to parties and events. They get plenty of time with peers.

I have my pictures on a different computer so, still none to share.

I did get some good exercise from walking today, which was nice. Although the weather got colder and colder as I walked. I hear we just might end up with 6" of snow overnight. We'll see.

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