Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

It has been a busy week full of school work, play dates, cleaning, and appointments.

Yesterday we met up with some friends at an indoor play room. It went well for a while. Then my 1 and a half year old decided pants were not for him. He kept running off and taking them off. I kept putting them back on. He even handed them to my friend at least once. I'll admit it was funny, but certainly not a habit he needs to form!

The girls and I have also started a lapbook about the Kirsten Larson American Girl series. They are pretty excited. Right now we're reading and they are coloring their templates. When they're done we'll get them glued on to the "books" and fill them in with details! I have all kinds of activities for them to do too! I'm probably more excited than they are. :) I'll try to make sure I post updates and pictures!