Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spring 2015

With the warm sunny days and nice breezes, I'd like to believe I will not be waking up to frost again for a very long time. Fresh air, sunshine, our new (to us) patio furniture, and the convenience of our laptop, will hopefully open the flood gates of creativity for me and my writing will begin flowing more frequently.

In the mean time we have transplants sprouting. Lambs have been born. Even chicks are hatching. We have at least one chicken and one turkey hen brooding and are looking forward to seeing the results. We've had success in the past with our turkeys. With only one rooster, in previous years, our chickens haven't been as abundant.

A new fence stands between our property and our neighbor's field, making for a possibly less tense relationship and more freedom for our flocks to roam our side of it. Just one of many projects we hope to complete this year.

 Soon we'll be putting together a couple of fall breeding groups. We've never tried for fall lambs before, so we will see how it goes. Someday I will even try my hand at milking our sheep. For now, I'll let the lambs have it all.


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