Saturday, June 20, 2015

I don't like cell phones...

... and I'm pretty sure, if they had feelings, they wouldn't like me much either. Last week, I picked up my cell phone, only to have it fall to the ground, in just the right way, that the screen cracked. Today, the same thing happened in pretty much the same spot of my house. Now, the screen won't work at all. I know it is on, because I hear it go off when I get a message. Thankfully, I was able to download my photos and videos. I'm horrible about taking them to begin with, and not much better at loading them to the computer when I should. I've lost many photos and videos because of this. Though, it isn't always because I broke whatever they were stored on. In fact, many times it's because of an issue with the storage unit, itself. Either way, it is what it is. I have my media, and now I have no cell phone.

Another thing I'm thankful for, is the fact that we still own a land line. Personally, aside from the ability to easily text my husband when he can't take my call, I really could care less about having a cell phone. It is nice sometimes and I see the value in the case of an emergency, or when we are running errands, but I can live without one. I know, because I have and was just fine. It can seem inconvenient at times, yet it is also so freeing. Just like when I deleted my facebook account a few months ago. I haven't re-signed up for a new account and, mostly, I don't miss it. It was nice to have to stay in touch and see photos, but it was also distracting, time sucking, and unneeded. Truth is, other people want me to have these "conveniences" more than I want them for myself. I find humor in this.

Since walking away from facebook, and during the times I have no cell phone, I find that I am way more productive. Today, for example, (though this was before the final straw my cell phone took) I spent the morning taking care of our animals and working in our garden to prepare for the trellises my husband is putting up for the tomatoes. I even gathered rocks, that I was hoeing up, to use for the walkway in the back. If I can keep at it, I probably won't have to buy rocks at all, there are so many free ones hiding in my gardens!

Life is too much of an adventure, to purposefully add so many distractions, taking away from the ability and freedom of getting away and just enjoying. Just breathing. Just living. I like it when people can't always reach me right here, right now. How can they miss me, if they can always contact me? And why would they appreciate or value my time, if it is based around their convenience, instead of what's best for me and for my family?

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