Saturday, August 1, 2015

Gearing Up for Another School Year

With another school year approaching, I have lesson planning and prepping to do and I must say it is tedious! haha I've never been all that great at being organized, but this year, I've decided I desperately need to be and my boys need me to be. With just the 3 of them to focus on it should be easier. Actually, rephrase, it HAS been easier. Most of the lessons are joint, so that saves some time, energy, and money.

I do still have a few things I'd like to purchase and pray I'm not wasting my time as I have in the past. I've tried creating "lesson plans" before only to butt heads with resistance and have my plans blown to smithereens. It's always been my daughters on the other side of that battle, though.

Over the summer I have had weeks where I've created a plan for the week and though we don't always complete every task, my boys have been much more cooperative. It has me looking forward to officially starting next month.

This year, I am doing something different. I've bought what I call a teacher box, this one to be exact, and have started putting files and folders together for every month and week. My hope and goal is to have every week planned and prepped to the point that all I have to do is pull out whatever it is I need each day and do it. Coloring pages printed, craft kits put together, science experiments supplies all gathered.

In my head, of course, everything would work out perfectly where I get up each day, get the girls off to school, get the rest of us breakfast, clean up with the boys, care for the animals with the boys, then get to our lessons, clean up our school stuff, have lunch, clean up lunch, and go have fun. This has always been how I'd like our days to go, even with the girls, but it has almost never worked out that way. I'm praying this year, it finally will.

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