Monday, August 10, 2015


      Sometimes I wonder if we should just throw seeds out in our garden, randomly, and let our chickens loose in there. I never really see them in there, though our turkeys go in there and so do pheasants. Although, maybe I should just buy the vegetables and fruits I hope to grow and then throw them around my garden where ever I want them to be.

       I say this because we have found a lot of random squash plants growing, that we didn't "plant". Some are growing around our front walkway and others in the un-worked parts of our garden. Earlier this year, we took our unused, squash and threw them outside for the chickens to eat. Some we threw right by the walk way for the chickens who hang around the house and some we threw out in the garden for the chickens who live in the barn.

       The truth is, these unplanned gardens are doing better than our planned ones! At least, so far.We will see what happens with the pumpkin patch we put out back. It seems to be doing well.

         This last one is a pumpkin plant I actually started inside and transplanted. Admittedly, I did plant it a bit earlier than I probably should've. But a lot of the plants in our front garden look like it.
      We've ordered a soil test kit and will see how the soil is.


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