Monday, August 24, 2015


Two hens, each on their own nest, get broody at the same time. We let them sit, to see what happens.

Three weeks later...
          We've failed again. Time to clean up the most disgusting stuff I think I've ever smelled, through a face mask, and give the hens a fresh nest. All while trying not to imitate my dad's fake gagging. Although, mine wouldn't be fake!

          I walk into the chicken coop area and hear cheeping. When I look down, I find a baby chicken all dried and fluffed up, waiting outside one of the nests. Hallelujah! Only one of the nests has soured! The other has babies hatching! So far, between 4 and 6, with I'm not sure how many left to go.

         This is a big deal to me, as this is our first year having any chicken hens hatch their own batches. Now we've had 2 or 3 successes! Hopefully both our turkey hatches, that were doing well, have remained successful. I've seen one hen with the orphan and her 9 poults. I haven't seen the orphan's mom and her second batch, lately. That could mean nothing, as we let the turkeys truly free range and have had hens go off with their poults before, only to come back later. So we shall see.

I know the hatching doesn't sound like a lot, but it's the best year we've had so far and I am excited!

          I pray it continues to be a year of growth. It seems, every year, our farm has grown more and more abundant. I'm thankful to be so blessed!

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