Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Garlic and Animals

Well, we decided to harvest our garlic the other day. This is our first attempt at growing garlic. Some of it looked fairly small, but we were glad to see how much we ended up with. Now we have it curing in a closet. Well, except for the ones that lost their stems when we were trying to dig them up. We're planning to try a fall planting and see what happens with it in the spring.

  We recently had a turkey hen hatch her 2nd batch of poults this year. It was really weird, because she had around 10 hatch around the same time and she left her nest. A day or two after she left, my husband found a newly hatched turkey baby up in the loft with her but she rejected it and it died. The next day, she was no where near the nest, but there were 2 more newly hatched poults. We brought them in the house with food and water. One obviously suffered something neurological and died 2 days later. The other, we returned to the barn yesterday. When I checked on it lastnight it was huddled under the wing of a 2 month old chicken hen. I assume it was a hen, because of how maternal it seemed. Today, it was doing quite well, but our turkey moms have not returned to the barn. We were hoping this one could rejoin it's own mom, or the mom who adopted it's older sibling when it's mom left it behind to hatch the 2nd group.

We also moved our lambs around today. Turns out, I'm pretty bad at sexing newborn lambs. This shouldn't be that complicated, but I need to pay better attention. We actually have 4 ram lambs and 6 ewe lambs, not the other way around. We moved the ram lambs in with the ram dads and the pony today. The ewe lambs, rejoined the ewe moms.

Oh, and a quick update on my bite/sting thing. Still there. Scabbed over, circle. Sometimes the new skin itches, but it does seem to be healing. Wish I knew what did it, but it is what it is.

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