Monday, January 25, 2016

It Had to be a Warmer Winter

         Honestly, I don't mind. I prefer warmer weather. I never would've imagined living where I live, yet here I am. And I am thankful for this warm weather, save for one reason.

        This year, with so many of our kids into hockey, my husband decided to build an ice rink in the back yard. Awesome, I know, except when it is too warm to use it, which has been more days than not.

          In spite of that fact, I am glad he did it. Though, I haven't been able to use it (I'm 33 years old and never ice skated and there is a rink in my own backyard... Yeah.) I have enjoyed watching my family use it.

         Seeing my children's skating and hockey skills improving is cool. Even better than that is seeing them get outside and do something together that strengthens the bonds between them. To hear them laughing together. This winter may be warmer than last, but my heart is what is truly warm with joy at these precious memories.

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