Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Some Dreams Really do Come True

I started this year with so many hopes and dreams, knowing full well many wouldn't come to light. There is only so much I can do in a day and, often enough, my plans don't really work out the way I intend for them to. Yet, here I am, nearing the end of the 5th month of the year and am pleased at all that has been achieved.

We currently have 8 incubated chicks that just graduated to being free range. We also had 6 incubated turkeys hatch last week. Sometime this week a baby chicken hatched in a turkey nest, causing the hen, and 2 others, to throw out their eggs and tend only to it. At least we are up to 9 chickens now, and with so many hens guarding it, I can only imagine it will be fine. Along that line, there are two more turkey hens going broody in the barn with a huge nest of eggs. I am tempted to gather the eggs and throw them in the incubator if the hens don't settle with them soon. Wish the chickens would get broody enough to sit, as well.

Our garden is growing. We've discovered a lot of garlic thriving where we harvested last year. Apparently we missed some. The garlic we planted in the fall is also looking really good. We should have plenty, (I would hope), for the coming year! Sweet corn, popcorn, green and banana peppers, tomatoes and potatoes, green beans, broccoli and cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, slicing and pickling cucumbers, red and sweet Spanish onions are all planted. Will be planting my yellow onions tomorrow. I'm still trying to decide if I want to pot my herbs or plant them on the side of the porch and hope the chickens don't destroy them. Our asparagus isn't doing so well this year, though. With our dogs still somewhat out of commission, for pest control, the critters have been eating the tops off the stalks. Still plan to throw down some watermelon and pumpkins. Need to throw straw down over some of the plants, in hopes of maintaining some moisture in our sandy, rocky soil.

Our orphan lamb is doing terrific. Eating and growing, quite well. She does have a bad habit of slipping through the gate, though, and wandering around with my 3 year old as though she was his puppy. Today, I found them playing on the slip and slide.

Walking around, I've enjoyed seeing the growth of the cherries, mulberries, apples, black raspberries, blackberries, and wild grapes around the property. Hoping I'll actually be able to harvest all of these things. Haven't seen any morels so far. Last year my husband collected 2 and ate them both.

That's just the farm. The growth in my kids this year has been subtle, but there. I often don't realize the growth and developments, until really taking time to look back. The way Blessing #6 tries so hard to sit up on his own, laughs when I tickle him, coos right along with me as I sing, tries desperately to eat his hands and toes, and just watches everything! Blessing #5, naming and claiming our farm, and all, for himself. Getting out there and trying to take care of it on his own, when I am busy with other things. Blessing #4 finally getting, somewhat, interested in the alphabet. Learning to be more helpful and do more things around the house. Blessing #3 also. He has, finally, started showing some interest in reading and has figured out, for the most part, how to tie his own shoes.

I know many things my boys are "finally" learning, are often taught much sooner. Sometimes, it really is because I don't think about it, because it is such a small thing. Other times, it is because, in truth, they aren't ready or interested in learning it. I know, because I've tried. When they are, though, it comes quickly and easily.

Then there are Blessings #2 and #1, excelling in most, if not all, of their academics. Growing into fine young ladies with minds of their own and a firm foundation of who they are, what they believe,  and where they want to go. That doesn't mean they are done growing or that they won't change their minds. It simply means, they are strong and that, in spite of my doubts, I must be getting something right, even if it is only my faith that I am not the end all be all for them.

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