Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Moment of Appreciation

You know it is a hot day when I can completely soak my thick, curly hair with the hose and 10 mins later it's half way dry. It dried completely, after 20. This is very unusual. Usually it finally stops dripping after 30 minutes to an hour. That's the kind of hot day it is. I am not a hot or cold kind of person. I like things more temperate, yet, I braved the outdoors and am glad I did. I actually took time to enjoy it.

In doing so I allowed myself to see how blessed I am with the ability to go out with my husband and set up temporary fencing for our sheep to graze a hay field. Tonight, I will escort them back to their paddock and tomorrow we will take them back out. I am free to forage and there is much to be gathered. Really, I am free. For us, our farm is a hobby. It benefits our family and helps to provide food for our tables. We have the confidence that, if needed, we could live off our land. We don't do it because we have to. We do it because we want to and we can. How amazing is that? To be able to choose this life.

I know my life isn't glamorous, romantic, or really all that exciting, yet, it is wonderful - ups, downs, all of it. I have a husband, whom I love and care for. A husband that I've been through good, bad, and kind of ugly with. A husband who, in all his imperfections and my own, is mine and I am his. With that, we have been abundantly blessed with 6 amazing people to join our adventure. Brilliant, creative, wonderful gifts that we get to share life and wonder with. And we get to do it, here, on our farm. We get to connect them to their roots while teaching them how to fly. How to be who they are, but, hopefully, to also know where they came from and that they are always welcome here.

I'm truly richly blessed and, today, I am appreciating that.

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