Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting a lot done :)

Well my husband has ordered our chickens! So excited. We spent time this weekend building a new foundation for a shed that we are turning into a chicken coop. Thank God for neighbors with big machines and even bigger hearts who are willing to come and help us out too! Once we were done setting up the foundation we put fresh dirt around some shallow areas of the house to create more of a mound for water to move away from the house. We also filled in some holes the dogs have been digging near the house. After that we headed to the barn. We're talking about getting sheep and after visiting the sheep farm last week, I'm actually getting pretty excited. We had a stall in the barn but not where we wanted one so we tore it down, together. It was great! It felt so good to be a part of all of that.

Yesterday morning was rainy and I'm still adjusting to the time change so we made it a pajama day. I spent the morning reading about raising sheep while the kids read, played video games, and watched some tv shows. As the day went on I did finally get around to doing some house work, but I was still in a funk.

Today was much better. It's sunny and beautiful. I enjoyed a nice walk with my youngest as we waited for his brother to finish speech. He even walked with me. Normally I carry him in our Beco carrier. So convenient, but this was a nice change. We touched tree trunks, saved worms from the side walk and sun, listened to and watched birds. This afternoon the older 3 were able to, finally, experience gymnastics again. Thankful for our friend who set up the opportunity for us to do it at a convenient time.

This evening will be a catch up time for us. We'll get through any school work that hasn't been completed and then read up on some things related to the Kirsten American Girl series. It'll be a nice, quiet, cozy evening. :) But first, dinner. Chicken with rice and veggies! Nothing elaborate. My husband is the cook.

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