Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where oh where did our little dog go?

This weekend we had an opportunity to learn an important lesson. My oldest has a puppy. Lately she and I have both been very frustrated about his puppy antics. We both wanted to give him away. God must've heard our hearts desire. Sunday afternoon he went missing. My husband and daughters looked around the neighborhood, in the woods, and everywhere they could nearby. They didn't find him. He didn't come home that night. Yesterday my oldest was so upset she had a hard time focusing on her school work and I too felt horrible for how childish I had been towards the puppy. I posted on facebook, while my husband contacted shelters and vets, and signed into the microchip website to list him as lost. The hunt was on for the puppy again all afternoon, but still nothing at bed time. I had a hard time sleeping last night, between worrying and praying and feeling bad. This morning, however, God answered our prayers. My husband had posted to craigslist this morning and the person who had found our puppy heard about the post. Our puppy is now safe at home. Lessons to learn? For one, the bible is serious, the tongue is like a 2 edged sword and we were dealing with the consequences of our negative hearts and words. Another lesson was to appreciate the gifts God blesses us with. Sometimes they don't seem like gifts at all, but if we could only see the big picture, we'd see all that God is doing in us through others.

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