Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Menacing Chickens

For today's fun afternoon, I had hoped to be able to play outside with the kids. We went out front to play tag, but realized we couldn't play there because there were chickens out there. If you run, they chase you and start pecking at you and stuff. So we walked over to the barn area, hoping to play there. The chickens followed us. We walked down to our garden, but still a menacing rooster followed us. It wasn't until we got down to our make-shift shooting range that the rooster stopped following us. I've explained to my husband that something must be done about this situation. Our kids should be able to play outside without having to worry about whether the roosters will attack them or not. I haven't really seen the hens do it, but they act like they would. We tried to play a game of tag down by the shooting range, but it didn't work out so well, because it's hilly over there. So then I tried to race my 5 year old, but running while pregnant when you never run, without warming up first, is a bad idea. Eventually we sat in the sun and played a game I made up when the girls were little called the sing song game. We just take turns singing. Sadly, my girls are too shy to do it anymore and it was cold just sitting there, so back to the house we went.

I thought we'd come in and bake pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for tomorrow's breakfast, but the girls decided they don't like them and didn't want to bake them. I allowed my sons to go play on their own in another room and sat my girls down for a "meeting". I explained to them my desire to start having more fun together and asked them for suggestions. We spent the next hour or so tossing around ideas. Then they went to play with a friend.

Hopefully tomorrow, we will be able to do something we can all enjoy at the same time. Thankfully, for them, the "meeting" was fun. They love sharing their ideas.

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