Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday after Thanksgiving 2012

It has been a very busy semester. We've stayed mostly on target with our lessons. I struggle with getting my oldest to do her math, no matter what I do. She tells me she doesn't understand it and it is too hard, but then she is "magically" able to do it. She is already "behind" and I'm trying to get her back up to speed. I just wish she could see how interesting math really can be. Any good applied math curriculum out there that teach these fundamentals using real life, every day experiences?  My younger daughter, on the other hand is excelling at math but her spelling could certainly use some growth. I'm leaning more and more into the Charolette Mason style of learning for them. And they do like that. Of course, it being near the end of this term, I'm already looking at curriculum changes and things I want to get and try out. My older son is loving his "school work" when we do some. I mostly read to him and from time to time give him worksheets. I know he's already learned a lot even if he hasn't learned things he would've in a traditional preschool. Even my 2 year old is growing and learning constantly. After all that is how we are made. And that is one of my goals. To teach my children to love learning. To help them to grow up with skills, abilities, knowledge, confidence, and so much more. Even if it isn't "traditional".

I don't know if I mentioned that we now have sheep, chickens, and turkeys. My husband braved the challenge and recently prepped and cooked 2 of our chickens and one of our turkeys. The turkey was the main attraction of our Thanksgiving meal and it was the BEST turkey I think I've ever had. Granted, my husband is a REALLY good cook, but that bird was so tender and had good flavor. The chickens were good too, with beautifully colored meat, but a little chewy.  We're wondering if we waited longer than normal. They were on the bigger side. I think he said 5 or 6 lbs and that usually people have them when they are 3 or 4lbs. I don't know. Still better than store bought. Our hens have also started laying eggs. We usually get about 2 a day. We're pretty excited about that. They have rich colored yolks and taste pretty good. We do have one rooster our daughters have named the evil outsider. He never acts up when my husband is out there, but the other day I went to check for eggs and feed and water them and he kept walking to get behind me and then flew up with feet aimed right at me and was clawing and pecking at me. He also walks right up to our back door and stares in the window at us. I don't like him very much.

I handed a first drafted manuscript to a friend of mine. She is an editor. I've tried to have friends read and critique this, and other projects, before and nobody ever really does it. I was so glad when she did and gave me tons of great feed back. I look forward to making time to really delve into bringing rich life to the book. Someday, I hope to get it and others, published.

I did not participate in NaNoWriMo this year, like I have been the past few. In fact that manuscript is what I wrote during my first attempt at NaNoWriMo. I had so much going on and have been so tired from the pregnancy, that I knew I wouldn't be able to make time for it.

Speaking of my pregnancy. I am halfway through gestating baby #5. Pretty sure there is only one baking away. Although, sometimes, a part of me thinks it would be neat if there were twins. Crazy? I know! But I've had a 10lb baby (pretty much), home births, a breech birth at home, I figure the next challenge is twins, right? haha I am planning a home birth this time around as well. In fact, I'm keeping this whole journey as "old fashioned" as I can. So far, no doppler use. I actually bought a fetoscope to listen with at home and that's what the midwives are using as well. No u/s, either. If there becomes a concern and the midwives feel it is necessary, I will get one, but things seem to be going pretty easily. No excessive testing. Been there done that, don't like being poked and prodded. In fact, aside from having my blood drawn to check my iron levels at a clinic, I haven't had to enter a hospital at all for this pregnancy. I have been able to feel baby squirming around in there since 10 or 11 weeks. Growing normally. Aside from being tired a lot and my expanding belly, I don't think I have many other symptoms. Wait, I take that back. I am somewhat intolerant of things I'd normally try really hard to tolerate. I'm finding I've had to bite my tongue quite a bit. So I guess irritability would be another one.

Hopefully I can be better about getting on here and updating things. Life with 4 kids, while pregnant and homeschooling, can be overwhelming and very busy!

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