Sunday, April 7, 2013

Update of My Week

I haven't been posting lately because I haven't known what to write. Our days have mostly been the same lately.

I haven't wanted to go anywhere. Although I did take Blessing #2 to her softball practice Thursday and nearly got in an accident and I don't know if I just wasn't paying as much attention as I thought or if the other person wasn't. Maybe neither of us were.

The other day I decided that I would take the whole month off from trying to structure the kids days and educations the way that I have been. The girls have their syllabi and can come to me with questions, but it will be up to them to make sure they take care of their work.

Yesterday, I got fed up with all the clutter in our house. I started in their room, which I've been on them about cleaning for a month now, and I threw out pretty much everything that was on the floor and took away any clothes left in laundry baskets. With my husband backing me up, I was finally able to get my 3 older ones to actually help clean up around the house. I hope he saw the benefit of the team work between us and in getting the kids to be more responsible.

I'm not due til Tuesday, but I keep hoping today will be the day. It doesn't help that for the last month people have acted like I should be having the baby and doing countdowns and stuff. I've always passed my due date and I know this and I've told people this. This is why I try so hard not to tell people when I'm due. By the time I reach my "due date" I feel like I'm late because for the past month people have been anticipating the baby. For all I know, I have another week or so left, yet I keep hoping this one will actually come sooner. I hope that with all of them though. I should be enjoying the time I have left with my other blessings as just a 4 pack, before baby arrives. Instead I feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever and that I just want to have this baby already!

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