Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of School

Yesterday was our first "official" day of school for the kids. And for the most part it was a very good day.

 I got up before everyone else and managed to complete a unit of my online hunting course. Two more units left. Right as I was finishing the test for the last unit, the boys woke up. I finished my test and took them downstairs for some breakfast.

After breakfast, it was still just the boys and I, so I sat them down and went through their lessons. It really doesn't seem to take us very long to get through their core subjects. Which is great, because I don't know that they'd give me their enthusiastic attention, as much, if the lessons were longer. They seem to be just the right length.

When the boys' lessons were finished, Blessing #1 joined us. I got her some breakfast and went through her lessons with her. By the time she was finished, Blessing #2 woke up. I sat down and did her lessons with her while the boys played and Blessing #1 fold towels.

As we finished up lessons for the day, we sat down for lunch. I got a shower, (yes, after lunch.) and the girls were supposed to get the boys ready for our first homeschool group trip of the year. The boys were not ready when I was. Then I needed to nurse Blessing #5 and told the girls, I wanted everyone else ready and in the van by the time I finished. They were all in the van, but the boys still weren't ready.

A Half hour after I wanted to leave, I texted my friend and let her know we WERE on our way. I almost didn't go, but I wanted to have a memorable first day of school. We made it to the zoo about 40 minutes after the agreed upon time. Then, a miscommunication meant, the kids and I spent the first 45 minutes or so looking at animals without our friends. Our friends caught up with us in the aviary. We were able to spend the next hour or so with them, checking out animals together. The kids had fun, although I did have to remind them not to whine and to behave. Next time I need to make sure we have water and snacks!

We had to leave and take Blessing #1 to practice. On the way out, we stopped at the fountain and took some pictures. Blessing #2 does not like her picture taken, and my timing was off, so there aren't any good pictures of her.

Blessing #1 did make it soccer on time, to my relief. I hate being late and had already been late once, yesterday!

While I was dropping her off, Blessings #3 and 4 were home, shucking corn, for daddy.

Last night my husband and I started making stuff with the fruit we've harvested so far. He seems pretty proud of the mulberry jelly. Although, it hasn't stiffened a lot. Not sure what that will mean. Maybe a syrup for pancakes and ice cream instead.

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