Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Week is Almost Done.

The first week of our "official" school year, is already almost done.

Yesterday and today, I managed to get through all the boys' lessons, before the girls woke up. Then got Blessing #1 through her lessons. Blessing #2 didn't get all her lessons done yesterday, so had to finished yesterday's and today's.

 Yesterday afternoon, I left Blessing #2 in charge of Blessing #5, as she seems to enjoy it more. Then I rounded up Blessings #1 and #3, to gather up and take out the garbage. With his black cape and batman shirt on, Blessing #3 gladly pulled the trash cans to the front of the truck bed for me and back to the tail gate when it was time to unload them. Then it was off to the barn to care for the turkeys and sheep. Blessing #4 joined us. With the barn animals cared for, it was time to water the trees at the front of the driveway. We filled buckets and old juice bottles and milk jugs. Once the trees were watered, we parked the truck once more. Blessing #4 headed back to the house, with mail in hand, while the rest of us made our way to the chicken coop. We forgot to look for eggs, in the new spot the hens have been nesting in, but we got them lots of fresh water and food. By the time we were all done with that, it was time to get ready for church. We finished out the evening with a couple chapters from "The Witches" by Roald Dahl. It may seem strange to some to go to church, then come home and read a book like that. It seems weird to type it, honestly. However, it is a good opportunity to talk to my children about such topics and to give them facts vs. fantasy

Today, by the time lessons we completed, it was time for Blessings #1 and #2 to visit the dentist. Amazingly #2, who doesn't brush every day and sometimes I wonder if she pretends to brush more often than she actually does, was given the dentist's approval. Blessing #1, on the other hand, was in tears by the time we pulled out of the parking lot. The concern wasn't so much cavities as she only had one minor one and then a tooth that lost a filling. (It's the 3rd filling that has come out!) No, it couldn't be something as simple as a cavity, instead she has at least 5 teeth that the dentist highly recommended getting extracted. All baby teeth, that for some reason, have not let go of her poor mouth, to make room for her grown up teeth, which are so desperately trying to come forth. The hope is, that by extracting the infantile teeth, the adult teeth will be able to make the journey into their proper places. The idea of having her teeth pulled terrifies the poor child. Not so much the idea of what she might look like with all those missing teeth, but the anticipation that it will hurt beyond anything pain she's felt before.

We had a little time before taking Blessing #1 to practice, so we did what any normal family might do. We gathered together in our den and watched the Duggars. :)

When practice was underway, the rest of the crew and I, headed to the park The older 3 ran around playing their own games, once they were done with their mulch fight. Blessing #5 spent a little time sitting and laying in the grass and enjoying the textures.

We picked up Blessing #1 and then set out for the grocery store. My hope was, that it would be pretty empty, since it was later. I was right. What I didn't expect, but praise God for, is how amazingly well behaved and helpful my children were. They are usually fairly helpful and pretty behaved, but they certainly out did themselves tonight. The oldest 2 even bagged our groceries, loaded them into the van, and then unloaded them and put them away when we got home. I would've helped them, but Blessing #5 was ready for bed, or so I thought. Turned out, he did NOT want to sleep, just eat and snuggled.  With a few more chapters from our book, it was time for bed. And so, that is what I shall do also.

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