Monday, September 30, 2013

Harvest Season

Though we don't have anything to harvest this season, from our garden, it is a wonderful time of year. From our peach tree, my husband has made many jars of peach jam and some canned peaches. Thanks to friends, I've been able to make apple sauce and can it. I tried goat recently as well. It was good. Soon enough, we will be processing turkeys and lambs, to enjoy over the winter season. I'd like to try my hand at hunting deer as well, but might have to hold off until next season, due to preparation that still needs to be done.

There is something about the fall season, I've always loved. The colors, crisp air, the  way the sun shines as the rays filter through the vibrantly changing leaves. There is a peace in the air and a heart filled with celebratory ideas.

It is often during this season that I feel most creative. I participate in NaNoWriMo. My oldest 2 blessings have joined me in this adventure the past few years. Crafting seems more of a delight, although right now my sewing machine needs to get into the shop.  I also get a desire for a fall cleaning. It's like spring cleaning. The desire to declutter all the unnecessary things from my heart, mind, and home. To re-evaluate and make changes, in preparation for the more reclusive days of the winter.

This year, I feel cluttered with materials. There are things all over my house, but what of it do we actually need? Why do we keep some of the things we keep? Why do we even buy some of the things we buy? Sometimes I envy, though I know we shouldn't, those who start out more simply. Accepting that they don't have to have this, that, or the next thing. How much easier would life be, if we didn't clutter it with unnecessary junk?

I've decided that this year, the kids should be able to pick out ONE thing they want the most, (that we can actually give them), for their birthdays. That way they might, hopefully, appreciate their gift and realize a few things.

My hope for today, is to clear out my house. It can be difficult to achieve, when there are so many people, yet they are all focused on different achievements. But it can be done, if that one chooses not to be lazy.

I suppose that is a problem I have. I can be lazy, but worse than that, I have a hard time picking ONE goal and making it happen and not losing focus over all the billions of other things that should/could also be done. Giving myself permission to decided, "THIS" is what is happening and I'm going to see it through to the end, BEFORE I do something else. I think I'd get a lot more done if I'd work like that. One room, one step, one thought, one dream, one goal at a time. I don't have to always try to multitask and then end up overwhelmed and feeling like a failure.

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