Saturday, June 21, 2014

Officially Summer

    In our family, we love parties. We don't feel the need to go all out, extravagant, etc, however we do like to do so in our own simple way.

    Today was no exception. In honor of it being such a special day, we put up streamers, banners, and drawings. We also baked a cake. It was supposed to look like a banjo, but my chocolate ganache turned out to be more of a chocolate syrup. I used milk chocolate instead of bittersweet bakers chocolate, which the recipe called for. The syrup was still pretty delicious, even though, like all my cakes, it didn't quite match up with what I had imagined.

     We had intended to make packzis as well, but I think I got my milk too warm, because the dough never rose. I also forgot to make the crescent rolls I'd planned on, this morning. I've been forgetting a lot of things lately. I don't know if I just need to clear my thoughts and focus, or if my brain is turning to mush inside my skull.

      Anyway. Today was also the first time, I think, I've ever grilled up a New York strip. It was certainly the first time I've ever made lobster, which I also decided to grill. I can not tell you how juicy and delicious these were. Paired up with a good spring salad and some roasted rosemary and thyme potatoes. Man oh man! What a great lunch. haha If only I could afford to make dishes like that more often.

     I'd have to say in all our years of celebrating this blessed day, this was probably my favorite, so far. I look forward to the years to come as we embrace summer and celebrate life with passion and joy.

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