Thursday, January 1, 2015

Blessed New Year

With 2014 shut behind us, we begin to think on the blessings that 2015 may hold for us.

For me, I hope that it is a year of healing, renewal, growth, and adventure. I do have goals for the year, but also a plan of forgiveness and acceptance that I am not perfect and may not succeed everyday. I have written out my goals for the year as well as how I can make them happen this month, though my fear of failing in front of others prevents me from listing them just yet. I'll worry about next month when it happens. The fact is, even if I miss things today, tomorrow is a whole other page to the story of this year, that I can write on and even start fresh with.

I believe that in this year, starting this day, I am moving forward towards being the me God plans for me to be. Letting go of worries, fears, doubts, and bondage while moving forward into courage, boldness, faith, and love. I pray that you, my reader, will also experience beautiful things in this year of our Lord, Jesus Christ, 2015. May you see the blessings this year offers you with graciousness and faithfulness.

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