Monday, September 28, 2015

Fully Eclipsed Blood Moon

It was around 9:40 last night. He rushed through the door, ran up the stairs and reminded me of the amazing event happening outside. I had been so busy getting kids to bed and working on a crocheting project, that I had forgotten about it.

"Ooh!, let's go sit outside, watch it, and share a romantic moment!" I replied, as I jumped out of our bed and made my way downstairs.

After taking care of a few other things, he pulled out some chairs and we sat, gazing up at the heavens. At one point, as a cloud passed across our view, it appeared as though it were a black fog or smoke seeping out of the moon. Another moment, the un-eclipsed portion looked as if it were glowing almost golden.

As the evening went on, the clouds dispersed, revealing more and more of the infinite space beyond. I basked in the glory and wonder of it all.

And then, as romantic as we are, our talking turned to hockey and the hair that comes with it. From awe and wonder, to laughter. It may not sound like a romantic moment, and yet, we shared. We shared two common interests. We laughed together and smiled together. We talked. It wasn't anything as deep as what I felt looking up into the awesomeness above us, but it was still us connecting and I loved it. So caught up in these two fabulous events, I failed to capture them with a camera, but I certainly captured them with my heart.

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