Tuesday, October 6, 2015


 Fall. It is probably my favorite season. The crisp, cool air that says the summer heat is over, but winter isn't here yet. The feasting and togetherness. The vibrant colors of warmth and snuggliness. Walks in nature, with so much to see and explore.

 I love that we can take it all in, in our own "backyard". We've been taking nature hikes around the property the past month. Found lots of mushrooms. It has really made me interested in learning more about them.
We've also seen butterflies, grasshoppers, sandhill cranes, and deer. The pictures below show Blessing #3 with a Monarch. It'd been wet down by the rain, and we were trying to take it to a milkweed plant. Also, Blessing #4 checking out some deer tracks, along the trail.

With fall, also comes harvest time!

This is what we've harvested so far, and not used, yet, from our randomly growing squash plants. Blessing #2 drew the cute face. She was naming our squash.
These were views I had this morning. I love days like this. So calm, quiet, peaceful. Vibrant colors amongst a refreshing fog. Seemingly separated from the worries and chaos of the world, as though we were tucked away in our own private one.

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