Thursday, February 25, 2016

One Thing After Another...

...also know as, when it rains it pours.

Yesterday, my husband rushed one of our dogs to the animal hospital, after she ran under the truck. A severely broken pelvis led to an over night stay, plus surgery and another night stay, today. The prognosis for her recovery is very good, especially since she isn't very old. It is the reason we chose the surgery over the alternative. I hope she has learned that moving vehicles are not her friend, because I don't want her to ever go through something like this, or worse, again. I am just thankful she is alive and will be well again.

Then today, I'm pretty sure I burnt the motor on our emulsion blender while trying to blend dates. (Yes, they were pitted.) I don't have a regular blender or a food processor. I'm hoping it just needed a break and will work again. *Side note... Dates are very sticky, but I have a recipe to share when I get the pictures loaded on our main computer.

Speaking of the computer... the video card died last night. Fortunately, it should be up and running again by Sunday, so I should be able to blog (with pictures) about our snowy days and post a recipe! Maybe, if things go really well, I'll even have a video!

In spite of the things that haven't been going well, today has been a good day. My girls were super helpful today, as I told them they couldn't have their electronics unless they each gave me 1 hour of good help around the house. Blessing #2 helped me empty out the pantry, which I then cleaned. I decided to line the shelves with parchment paper (oily/greasy shelves are nasty and difficult to clean.) and then she helped me restock it. My laundry area is cleaner than it has been in a while. Two out of three bathrooms were clean and my downstairs is mostly tidy without me being completely worn out! Fantastic, I do say. Plus, I didn't have to make dinner or clean the kitchen afterwards, as my husband and children took care of all that.

It makes me glad that, even with all the things to weigh me down, I chose instead to see the blessings and the joy.

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