Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Busy Week on the Farm

We have a new addition to our farm. Our last lamb of the season was born on Saturday. His name is still to be determined. Some of the family is voting for the name Tiger, due to stripes on the lambs back. I think Zebra would work better since he is also black and white. There are a few other suggestions floating around as well. Our oldest is considering keeping this lamb for 4H. This lamb was our only single birth, which was a small surprise since all the others had been twins. We now have 5 ram lambs and 1 ewe lamb.

This past week we also took our daddy ram and our ewe who'd prolapsed, to be processed. It was sad, but that's one reason we have them. We got there meat today and tried a little of each. They did taste good and it wasn't as weird as I thought it would be. Now if I had to do the processing myself, I don't know if I could handle that. My husband is the one who has processed our chickens and turkeys. We have a good amount of meat from just those 2 and, now that the daddy ram is gone, the kids and I can confidently go into the pasture again. He was a challenging guy.

We did have baby turkeys born recently. Only two. One was blind. Neither of them survived sadly. I'm not totally sure what happened to them. Originally we thought about bringing them in until they were big enough to go out to the barn, but the mothers seemed to be doing such a good job with them, that we figured we should let nature be natural.

We have ordered an incubator, which should be here soon. We've had chickens sitting on different eggs for long periods of time with nothing happening. I'm pretty sure it's a ratio thing. Too many hens for our 1 rooster. My husband has decided to get a couple more roosters soon. And the turkey hens had also been sitting on eggs, but only hatched 2. We're hoping to hatch some turkey eggs to start with. We have a dozen set aside right now.

Today a friend of mine tried having our first baking day. She made corn and flour tortillas, which I'll be using ours for tacos this week. I made flax seed bread, cracked wheat bread, and challah. We learned some lessons today. For me, it was to make my bread dough the day before and let it sit in the fridge overnight. I think there were plenty of steps I messed up as I'm not used to baking with friends. It's ok, though, because I had a great time and look forward to doing it again. The challah came out wonderfully though!

I have no pictures for today, though. Giving birth and recovering from it has really thrown me off my groove on a lot of things. I haven't posted much lately, because I'm usually busy with my blessings and/or trying desperately to get caught up on the projects in and around the house.

I'll admit, most days, I do forget that I'm still post partum and it is OK. That really we're pregnant for around 10 months and should allow ourselves at least that long to wholly re-balance after all the changes that happen during pregnancy, labor/delivery, and the baby's 1st year. Of course, that is usually easier said than done, but I'm getting better at just accepting the state that I'm in each day and allowing myself to just be.

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