Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

As a woman attached to many veterans, today I'm thankful for those who do, have, and will serve our country. For the survivors, who actively fight for all that America is supposed to stand for. For those who will not return home to all they've left behind.

For the families waiting on the edge of their seats for the return of their loved ones. For those who are missing the one(s) who they can only say good bye to. I pray for them all. I pray for love to fill their hearts and comfort to bring them peace. For a shoulder to cry on and arms to hold them. For them to be surrounded by strength so they can be allowed to be weak for a time.

I thank God today, that I haven't lost anyone close to me through war. All my closely connected veterans have survived their times of fighting and defending. I can't imagine the heartbreak and grief that comes with such a loss. As a former military child and wife, I know the feeling of knowing that the one who went away may never come back. The faith that tells you they will because everyone else I know has. And the fear that I may be wrong. I do not know the pain, brokenness, emptiness of truly losing the one I missed. I've never witnessed a friend losing their parent, spouse, or sibling. May the Lord be with those who have and hold their hearts in His hands.

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