Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Making Friends

I've never had an easy time making friends. I pretty much wait for other people to talk to me before I talk to them, 98% of the time. Today was no different and yet I talked with 4 or 5 strangers that actually led to real conversations. Oh yeah, I should mention normally when strangers talk to me it usually doesn't go very far. They might ask me a question or something and I reply with a short answer and feel awkward. Today, I was sociable. I even braved up and shared my info with one of the women I met. I hadn't found a smooth way to do that with the others without it feeling somewhat awkward for me and yet, if I see them again, I'm sure they'd say hello. They were all very friendly. I know, I sound like a teenage boy looking for a date, hahaha. The truth is, I don't often reach out to others like that or give people much opportunity to reach out to me. Not because I don't want people to reach out to me, but because many times I just don't have anything to say back. I don't really talk to parents at soccer, t-ball, softball, or other places like that. Once a month, for the whole school year, I've been in the same place as some of these women and never spoken to any of them! I'm really glad I did and plan to do it more often. It's nice making new friends.

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