Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I've been reading up on the Waldorf method and am surprised at how much it was just a natural thing for me, that has been strongly discouraged and stomped on by others. After doing some reading on it and realizing that I'm not alone in seeking a home that moves in such a way, I decided to focus on the rhythms and relationships in our home this summer.

This week, I've been working towards respecting Blessing #5's natural daily rhythms. In doing so, I've also started working on encouraging the rhythms of my other children. My main focus right now is creating a bedtime rhythm. Blessing #5 has been consistently falling asleep around the same time every night and waking here and there around the same times as well. The more respectful I've been the better it has been for him and the better he has slept. I'm finding that the more I focus on this time with each of my kids, the better they all are sleeping and the more peaceful our home has been. On top of that, it actually gives me some quiet time at night to do things, such as cleaning or hobbies, whatever. It is a very nice change.

Sometimes it is frustrating looking back and seeing all the advice I should've taken. Even more so all the advice that I took, that I shouldn't have. Especially when what I'd been doing had been good all along. I've often doubted myself, but I'm learning more and more through out the years how important my instincts and such really are.

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