Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Great Weekend

It has been another great weekend for us. Saturday, Blessing #3 got to go on a daddy/ son date and shop for t-ball stuff. Then I went to a baby shower held for me and a friend at church. I had just enough time to drop off the gifts I'd received, at home, before heading off for a little outing with couple of my other friends at a local cafe`. During that pit stop at home, I found my husband working away in the bathroom that I want to birth in, getting it ready to be painted. He spent the whole evening working on this, as the kids played.

Yesterday, though we woke up late, the kids and I managed to make it to music practice at church, on time. Usually we only sing for the morning service, but yesterday we sang for both. Both services had messages that gave me something to really "chew on". In between services, I had planned to clean like usual, but I was so tired. I considered a nap, but resisted. Instead, I ended up playing a game of phase 10 with Blessing #2. I didn't hold back and blew her out of the water. She kept up with me, pretty closely on phases. It was her points that really lost her the game. I could go easy on her, but she can always tell when I do, and doesn't want to win that way. Though, there was much to be done around the house, I'm blessed to have taken the time to spend with her instead. While we were at church in the evening, my husband was working away on the bathroom again, getting the trim painted. I can't wait to see when the bathroom is all finished! He is doing a great job and I'm so thankful that he is willing to do this. It all started with me, a picker, finding a piece of peeling wall paper and slowly ripping all the wall paper in the bathroom down. He certainly puts up with a decent bit from my curious and creative mind.

This morning I got up at 7:30 and woke up my girls. I had made an agreement with them last night that if they would get up and get their school work all done we'd have a much better chance of convincing daddy to take us to the Henry Ford Museum. They've been wanting to go and check it out. Not enough, though, seeing as it is about an hour later and they still haven't gotten out of bed. I've managed to stick to my own plan for the morning, thankfully. Getting the downstairs all tidy. I will be 37 weeks tomorrow. Which means I could have as many as 4 weeks left, considering my last 2 stayed in for about 41 weeks each. Then again, this baby could come any time! I want my house to be manageable while I'm taking my baby moon. Normally, it's a disaster. Clutter everywhere! Usually just lots of small stuff scattered everywhere to look overwhelming when, really, once you get cleaning, it takes like 10-20 minutes to get it all put away.

Whether or not we will do anything outside of the house today, I'm not sure yet. It has started snowing and is kind of windy outside. We may choose to make it an at home family day.

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