Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ready for Spring

With spring on it's way, our green thumbs are itching. We decided to pick up some fruit trees and seeds today, after a pit stop at a local bakery. I will say, trying to climb in and out of our truck is currently difficult and uncomfortable for me. Trying to put car seats in, myself, is pretty much impossible. Or at least it feels that way. Thankfully Blessing #2 enjoys helping with stuff like that.

Also thankful my kids played well together today, as I took a bath trying to settle some of my discomfort. Afterwards, they joined me up in my bed for snuggles and stories since I was still not feeling great. Blessing #2 decided to work on her palpating skills. She can't wait for this baby to arrive, but loves playing with my belly. She's getting better at feeling different parts.

I did manage to get us to church tonight, in spite of how I felt, Blessing #1's mood, and the incessant fighting of Blessing #1 and 2's. We were a little late, but didn't miss much. I'm thankful we made it and I was able to have a small break from the kids, the house, and all the stress both involve.

Back home chaos smacked me in the face. The playroom disaster didn't bug me. I actually welcomed it, because my kids actually played in there today. It was the garbage the dog had spread across the kitchen floor that got me. I over came my frustration, cleaned it up along with the dishes. The playroom is still in need of attention. Blessing #3 has said he will help clean it, so that he can vacuum. Currently he is playing treasure  hunt, with a map he made.

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