Monday, February 18, 2013

A Day of Rest

Today, I decided to take a day of rest. Granted, I wasn't able to take the whole day "off" but I did get some time to just do nothing.

I had a chiropractor appointment at 10 this morning and, even though I'd been up since before 8, and had plenty of rest last night, I was tired! The chiropractor appointment did a lot of good, but when I got home I decided, since my husband was home and everything was fairly calm, that I was going to just hang out in bed. I laid down with the baby's blanket that I'm knitting and worked on it until I was too tired to keep my eyes open. Then, I gave myself permission to take a nap. I don't do this often. I only spent 3 hours, at most, in my bed resting, but it did a world of good for my body.

I'm still tired, but my body hurts less than it has been lately. I pretty much never get a real rest day or day off. Probably true for most people. When I do go out, by myself, I'm usually running errands for the family or going to appointments or something.

In the bible God tells us repeatedly to rest. Rest is good for us! In massage school I  learned how rest encourages healing and health of the body. Yet, I don't get enough real rest. I'm not talking about sleep or being lazy. There is a difference. I'm talking about taking time to just allow myself to not worry, stress, etc... but to just be. To just listen to what my spirit and body are telling me and to heed them. I'm thankful for the rest I got today.

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