Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning, I woke up to a phone call saying my midwife appointment was cancelled for today, due to the roads. I also woke up to an outside that looked like this:

It was beautiful It has warmed up enough, since, to begin melting the snow and ice some. I should've probably made sure we all enjoyed it while we could've. Instead, I insisted the girls get going on their school work. It has been a struggle today, and they still aren't finished. I spent the morning evaluating where we are and what is still left to do. I bought them their own planners in January, but they haven't really used them yet. I took their planners and wrote down their assignments for the rest of the school year. I'm hoping that having that accountability with mom and dad, as well as that independence, will help them to get things done better. This way they can look and see when they'll be done with lessons and choose to get ahead or to stay on track. I let them know the length of their "summer vacation" is up to them and what they are willing to do. I want them to take more ownership of their education.

My glasses broke today. They've been on the verge for a while now. My daughter throwing her math workbook down on them was the final impact. The arm on the left side broke off. Thankfully I'm due for another eye exam, so insurance should cover a new pair. I can still wear them for now, but it is a little annoying. Could be worse, though.

It seems like it's been some what of a rough week for me this week. Getting sick, cancellations, broken glasses, etc... Yet, I still have joy. I don't feel weighed down by these things, like I normally would. I've managed to focus on what is good, working, and positive. This week, with all its downers has been filled with little blessings. I've finished some long over due projects, had time with my family, played my guitar, done some art, gotten some reading in, and so many other little things. 

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