Monday, February 18, 2013

Lamb Photos

This is Pepe'. He was the second lamb born to Dark Chocolate, on Valentine's Day. His dad's name is Skunk, so we thought of Pepe' Le Pew.

                 This is Valentine. He was our first lamb born to Dark Chocolate on Valentine's Day.

This is Valentine and Pepe' with their mother, Dark Chocolate, on the 15th.

 This is Brownie. Still haven't checked to see if Brownie is a boy or a girl. We chose the name Brownie because of the brown hair and black legs. Brownie was the first of Oreo's lambs. Her second was stillborn.

Success! This is Brownie nursing from Oreo on the 16th, after spending the early hours being warmed up and bottle fed.

So far all 3 lambs are still doing very well, as are their mothers. We have 2 more sheep waiting to deliver. I'm hoping that one of them will be on Easter. There were about two weeks between our first sheep, Fawn, delivering her twins and losing them and Dark Chocolate and Oreo having their twins. From what we've read multiples are very common with this breed.

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