Saturday, February 9, 2013

Speaking of Detours

Yesterday started with my husband asking me to check on the sheep every 2 hours. He had noticed some different behavior in one of our sheep and wanted to make sure, if she went into labor, someone was nearby.

While I waited, I got my oldest going on her school work for the day and worked on other things myself. Two hours later and that sheep was acting "normal" again, but another sheep had distanced herself from the flock. While I stood and watched them she rejoined the flock and I had the feeling that nothing was going to happen that day. I was right. They both were "normal" for the rest of the day and so far, today, nothing seems to be happening.

We had an art lesson at 1 about 45 minutes away, but I usually try to leave an hour ahead of time. Around 11:15, I decided to continue the work I had started on decluttering my daughters' bedroom. At 11:30, I asked my girls to get their brothers ready. Instead, they called a friend who had the day off from school due to icy roads and asked if she could come to art. With her parents ok, she came over right when we were supposed to be leaving. No problem, except, when my girls came to get me I discovered they hadn't gotten their brothers ready to go at all. In fact, they weren't even ready! It takes about 20 minutes for me to get everyone ready to go and out the door. We were 20 minutes late leaving. Then I had to drive extra cautiously as I haven't really driven on icy snowy roads much and kept coming across patches of road like that. Then my gas light came on, so I stopped and got gas. I didn't have my gps with me, and didn't know how to get the one on my phone to work since I currently have it disabled. So I had google maps up instead. The gas station I stopped at wasn't far from our art lesson, probably 15 minutes. I turned the direction the map told me to only to end up, somehow, on a different road in a totally different town. I texted my friend, who set up the classes for us, letting her know we wouldn't be there after all. Frustrated, I checked the map to try and figure out where we were. I'd forgotten that I had turned on to a different road, again, and so I thought the road I was looking for may actually be just up the road. I had stopped at another gas station to check this. Instead, as I started driving again, I realized I was on a different road, but thankfully saw a sign for the road that lead back towards our town. This whole thing took about an hour and 20 minutes. From the time I found the road that led towards our home, til the time we got home, took us 20 minutes. When we got home, I couldn't help but shake my head and wonder, first off, what in the world just happened. Secondly, how sad is it that I've become so dependent on a piece of technology to get me where I need to go. I think I may be losing my navigation skills, although I've never been known for being good with directions, which is why my husband got me the gps in the first place.

My girls ran off with their friend to play Minecraft. (I am really beginning to hate this game. Everyone around me seems addicted to it and have become mean and disrespectful and lacking in responsibility since they started playing it. That's all they want to do from the time the wake up til bedtime.) I on the other hand, shamelessly grabbed our tin of chocolate chips and started chomping away at them as I opened our "Bread Bible" book and started making bread. I had bought whole flax seed recently, wanting to make bread with it. I didn't realize, I needed to crush it first. We don't have a mill, but thankfully, we do have a mortar and pestle. I got it crushed up and got my dough made.

As I waited for the bread to rise I continued with my daughters' room. Yes it really was THAT bad. I am almost shocked at the amount of stuff they had accumulated in that bedroom. Almost... It is now nice, neat, and organized. Although, it does need to be vacuumed still. When I finished their room, I tidied up the rest of the upstairs and did take a moment to vacuum my room and the hallway.

The bread turned out great. In all my busyness, I didn't start on dinner until 7:15. Pork chops and rosemary roasted potatoes. It was yummy, when it was finally ready. The bread finished as I was starting dinner. Apparently it was delicious, since there is none left. I made it, hoping to use it as sandwich bread. It was shaped like a school bus when I took it out, but I forgot to take a picture of it. I think I've gotten used to my husband leaving my camera in inconvenient places and I don't like the pictures my phone takes, very much.

My daughters' friend stayed the night and for the most part they played Minecraft. I've told them before that playing when we have only 2 controllers is going to leave somebody out, but they did it anyway and sure enough, someone was upset they were left out, but got upset if I turned off the game because they didn't get to play.

Yesterday, was not what I would consider a good parenting day for me. At the same time, even with the stresses, it was a productive one. 

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