Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Perfect" Birth

This morning, around 12:20 am, my husband came in and told me one of our sheep was acting strangely. She was clearing a corner of the barn. He suggested that she might be gearing up to deliver. I was surprised. I really thought she still had about another week or so, before she'd deliver. I asked him if she had any other signs of labor. He said no then asked how often I thought he should check on her. He is obviously more in tune with these sheep than I am, as he was sure something was happening. I told him, I would probably check on her within a half an hour, just to see if there were any other signs of labor. Our other ewes had had mucus and had been acting strange the whole day, before delivering. Not this ewe. When he went back out around 1am she was licking her new lamb clean and it was up and nursing. Within the next 30 minutes, he watched her deliver lamb number 2. When he saw that this one was very alert, shaking it's head and breathing and that mama was doing a good job of cleaning both lambs, he came inside to get me. I went out and we watched them for about a half an hour, making sure they were doing well. Both lambs and mama were doing so well, that I decided they didn't need me. Not much I can do to help my husband with them right now anyway. He went back out, after walking me back into the house, and prepared a stall for them. We were planning to prepare one of our other jugs for her and her lambs, when it was freed up tomorrow, but I guess she didn't want to wait.

I haven't taken pictures of the newest little family yet. When I do, I will post them. These lambs don't have names yet. My younger daughter and I are both pretty sure the black and white lamb is a boy. The multi-shaded light brown one, we aren't sure about yet.

Brownie, Pepe', and Valentine are all doing quite well. Valentine and Pepe' are both boys and Brownie, we're pretty sure is a girl. I suppose I should use the terms 'ram' and 'ewe'.

Aside from the birth of another set of twin lambs, we showed off the lambs to some friends today and baked cookies. Soon, I will be making Fettuccine Alfredo for dinner. We make our own sauce and it is so yummy! I buy the noodles though. I've not had much success in making yummy pasta noodles, yet. After dinner, and a little clean up, I plan to just enjoy my kids, as we have nothing on our schedule for tonight. Sometimes, ok almost all the time it seems, I get caught up in the "to dos" and the other less important things that I forget to appreciate the treasures right in front of me. I haven't even been taking pictures as often lately as I have been known to do. Right now my 3 younger ones are using paint dobbers and making pretty art on notebook paper. We don't do things like that often enough.

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