Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tricky Tuesday

Up early this morning to have a girls morning out with my daughters. We went for their yearly check up and turns out they are as healthy as I figured. Was able to discuss Blessing #2's failure to verbally communicate in certain situations. She was vocal today, though. The doctor said not to be too worried unless it becomes disruptive to her life.

After the we were done at the doctors office we stopped by the town's bakery for some doughnuts. The girls and I each got a doughnut to eat then and some water and a dozen doughnuts to bring home and share.

Then we hit up Indigo Forest in Ann Arbor. I am planning on doing belly binding after this baby is born and wanted to make sure I got my stuff for that ahead of time. Was hoping to find something, there, that I could use now and later, but they didn't have anything like that. I've read I can just use a ring sling or something for support now, but I haven't done it. Although, I must admit, the chiropractic care has alleviated, or at least relieved, at least half of my pregnancy complaints, even the reason I was considering the belly support.

When we were done there, we headed to the Salvation Army. I had seen a little kids table with 6 chairs there a couple weeks ago for $25. I should've bought it then, but ignored that nagging feeling. I hoped that maybe, just maybe, it'd be there today or at least something like it. I was too late, it was gone and they didn't have anything like it. However, I was able to pick up a new winter coat for Blessing #1 who has out grown hers during the middle of this season. Also picked up a "barn" coat for each of the girls. Coats they can wear when they help out in the barn or take horse lessons.

It was home for lunch and to share our doughnuts. Thankfully we got home when we did, because we'd forgotten that their horse lessons had been moved to an earlier time! They had time to eat and change, before heading out with their dad. When they got home it was my turn to head out for a massage.

Upon arriving for my massage, it turned out the therapist had accidentally been double booked and the other person had booked first. So my appointment for today was cancelled. As disappointing as this was for me, I'm actually thankful. I know the weather was supposed to turn kind of ugly at some point. I didn't realize it would happen so early, though. As I drove home from the massage clinic, I drove through big puddles of water as my car was pelted by little chunks of icy rain.

I had plans to attend a bible study my friend is hosting tonight, but when I got home my husband asked if I had thought about icy roads. I hadn't. I never think about these things. Thankfully, being an air traffic controller, and just a guy who likes weather stuff, he does think about these things. I contacted my friend to let her know I didn't know if it was a good idea for me to go. When my husband worries about something, I listen because he pretty much doesn't worry. While I was talking to her, he informed me that he really didn't want me to go. So I'm not. It was the wise, though unwanted, decision to make.

When I started my blog this afternoon, it looked like this outside:

Right now, it looks more like this:

Not much of a difference, I suppose, but it has only been about 10 minutes and it is still coming down!

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