Thursday, February 28, 2013

One Busy Day

Most days, though we are busy, we aren't all that busy outside of our house. What can I say, I do tend to be a home body, especially as I near the end of pregnancy and/or I am sick.

The girls didn't really do anything in the way of "school work" today. It was a slow going morning for us.

This afternoon, however, was pretty busy. We started out with art. Today we worked with pastels and got to try out the technique of scratching off excess color to reveal an underlying color. I forgot the term for it. We used paper clips. It was a lot of fun. The kids made cat pictures, and even blessing #4 gave it a go. After that, the girls and I made racoons, while the boys played. It's a semi-informal class. I'm so thankful for it. I love getting to try what the kids are doing. It gets me itching to do more of what we learn in class, which means my kids also get to do more.

Here are our masterpieces for the day:

 This is Blessing #4's cat.
 Blessing #3's cat. He was the only one who really tried the scratch technique.
 Blessing #2's cat.
 Blessing #1's cat.
 Blessing #2's raccoon. We decided it has anime like eyes, but the most realistic ears out of the 3.
Blessing #1's raccoon. We thought hers had the best eyes.
 My raccoon.. Probably the best tail. I was trying to following the instructions in the book. I don't think mine looks much like a raccoon.
Art was a lot of fun for all of us. Then it was off to an audition for Blessing #1. While she did that, the rest of us headed to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things to tide us over for the weekend. I really need to get into meal planning in a way that will actually work for me. I feel like we go to the grocery store way too often and spend more than we need to. Anyway... Then it was back to pick up Blessing #1 and finally come home.

It was nice to get home, until I realized the sheep were still out and the dog had gotten into the trash, dragging it all over the kitchen. I put on my big girl pants, dealt with each issue, and then it was back to being in a good mood. It helps that I'm starting to get past this cold or whatever, I've had and that today has been full of blessings.

My life certainly isn't all sunshine and roses. I yell and scream and have tantrums, just like my kids. Fighting amongst my kids is pretty much a daily occurrence. My husband and I have plenty of ups and downs. My house is often a big mess. As I type, I have dirty dishes and a bucket full of compost, waiting to go out, on my kitchen counter. The dishes I'll clean up tonight, but the compost will probably wait until tomorrow. We eat fast food sometimes. Today's lunch was Burger King. We are far from perfect. I just have a bad habit of seeing so much of the bad that sometimes I don't even realize all the good. Blogging, as a way to count my blessings, as often as possible, is really helping me to turn my perspective and my attitude around. Hopefully it inspires others and doesn't discourage anyone or make them think I've got this all figured out and am some super mom. I'm not even close to being super mom! I know tons of moms that I look at and think WOW! I don't even do a quarter of what they do. The truth is, I do way more than I realize. We all do.

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