Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Moment of Reflection

I still haven't taken pictures of our newest lambs. I keep forgetting to take our camera out there. However I gave my daughters the pleasure of naming them. My oldest hasn't named her lamb yet, but my younger daughter has chosen Dasher, for the little black and white one.

I took her to the store with me yesterday to get groceries while leaving my oldest in charge of the boys, with her uncle close by to keep an eye on things. I am so thankful for the opportunities to help them grow as caregivers and as consumers.

The more opportunities I've given my oldest to take charge of her brothers, whether I'm running an errand or she is acting as mother's helper, the softer her heart grows towards her brothers and the more I see her grow also.

The grocery store went well also. Usually, I take all my kids, but with the snow we had yesterday and the cold, on top of the crankiness my youngest was experiencing, I knew it would be better to just run there and back. The nice thing about taking my girls with me is they run and grab stuff off the list, while I wait at the deli. By the time I was done at the deli counter yesterday, my younger daughter had grabbed just about everything we needed from the produce section, which accounted for about half our list or more. Her independence and her ability to actually pick out good produce impresses me. When I was her age, I didn't know how to tell what to look for in good produce and I certainly don't remember grabbing stuff for my parents while they waited for deli stuff.

My kids are great and I'm thankful that this is an area of parenting I'm doing well. They've also gotten better about getting their lessons done. I gave my oldest the week off, since she'd been sick, another reason I decided to leave her home, and she still managed to do most of the school work I had originally had on the schedule for her. We've managed to stay pretty much on track, so far, for this second half of the "school" year.

I don't often stop and look at these every day accomplishments and often feel as though I'm failing as a mom. I think I need to put to use the example from Lydia over at and focus on mindfulness and intentional living, loving, and laughing.

Today we've cleaned, and I'm half caught up with laundry. My girls are cleaning their room and my sons are playing. The good thing is they are really playing, not playing xbox. The cleaning in our house doesn't take long when we all work together. We just need to make THAT a daily habit. Sadly, while checking on her hamsters, my younger daughter found that one had passed on. It was her favorite too. She has one more and she likes that one alright. Hoping to make home made poptarts and some muffins later. I have gotten some good snuggles in with my sons. I have to say one of my favorite things is co-sleeping. Though our oldest 3 don't do it very often anymore our youngest still does. Waking up to his big blue eyes and cheerful smile is one of the highlights of my day. I can't wait to share moments like that with our little one on the way.

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